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Make a Native American Medicine Pouch

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

A Native American medicine pouch is a container for items believed to protect or give spiritual powers to its owner. The medicine bag is considered a very precious possession which represents a person's spiritual life and its contents are generally considered holy by the tribal community. The bags might be very plain or richly decorated and are meant to give guidance, good luck, good health, protection, abundance and even love to the individuals who carry them. Students will cut leather and shape their pouch as desired, then stitch with imitation sinew. A rawhide cord will be used to hang the pouch and can be attached using one of two different methods. It can then be decorated with beads, antler or feathers. Children who are 12 years of age and older are welcome.

Complete Basic Blacksmithing

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

This basic class will give you the foundation needed to start out on your journey of blacksmithing. You'll learn fire management, hammering methods, drawing out, upsetting, cutting, splitting, twisting, and convenience bending along with a demo of forge welding. Make punches and chisels and learn to harden and temper them. Heating material and heat management will be taught and much more.

Sharpening and Honing Blades

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

Sharpening and honing of blades is a mystery to most people these days although our ancestors knew the skill intimately. Technology of honing has definitely improved over the past 100 years and there are many technologies to choose from. Howard will demystify the sharpening process and you will leave the workshop with the skills to sharpen your own blades. Students should bring one or two blades to hone for the class.

Barn Quilt

Barn quilts are all the rage these days! Come and create your own wooden "quilt" to adorn your house, barn or cottage. In this one and a half day class you will choose a pattern and paint a stunning "quilt" to hang outdoors. No quilting experience necessary.

Perfect Pictures Every Time

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

Understanding photography basics is the key to taking control of your camera and knowing you got the shot when you were taking it. If you would like to take your skill level from shooting in Auto to having full control over your camera, this intensive class is for you! A step-by-step PowerPoint presentation helps teach the basic principles of photography including: camera options and set-up, peripheral equipment, image exposure and histograms, and will touch on shooting for HDR and working with motion, depth of field, and composition. The class is paced to allow time for questions and interaction, with about half of the day in the classroom experimenting with the cameras, and the other half spent in the field, practicing camera techniques and shooting options. A comprehensive handout will include all the major points covered in the presentation. While the class instruction is mostly landscape based, these techniques and principles can be applied to all photographic situations.

Fairy Lore, Houses and Gratitude Stakes

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

Let the everyday slip away on this imaginative walk along the River Trail of the Adirondack Folk School. Drawing from Celtic lore, we'll weave a tale about Fairies, while connecting the dots between the Faerie folk of Ireland and the Adirondacks. We'll start with creating a house out of natural objects, both provided and found, for the Fairies of the Forest and end with making a decorative Gratitude Stake for your Fairies at home! Enchanted tea and Fairy Bread will be served.

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