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Build a Wee Lassie Canoe

The original Wee Lassie was a lapstrake-built open cedar canoe made in 1863 by J. Henry Rushton of Canton, NY. Rushton was one of the most famous canoe builders of his era. George Washington Sears, who wrote of his adventures under his pen name of Nessmuk as he recorded his paddling adventures throughout the Adirondacks, popularized these small, finely crafted canoes. Come spend 11 wonderful days with master instructor Larry Benjamin building your own Wee Lassie. You will be guided through every step of the building process. Leave with a beautiful, lightweight canoe that handles well in the water. Open to all level of student.

Sightseer (Medium) Pack Basket by Linda Scherz

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

The Adirondack Pack Basket is one of the most recognized objects associated with the Adirondacks. These versatile baskets were used to carry just about everything the guides, hunters and trappers took with them into the woods. Create your own pack basket patterned from the traditional Adirondack Pack Baskets. The Sightseer pack is a great size for teens or adults. The first day students weave a plain weave base with the pre-cut spokes and then weave the sides. Linda will be guiding students as they concentrate on shape, creating a belly while learning to continuous weave. The main weaving will be done the first day. The baskets will sit and dry overnight. On the second day, students will pack the baskets tight, level the top, weave a false rim, cut and tuck spokes, and fit the rim to the basket and lash the rim. A leather handle will be put on pack and an adjustable webbing or leather harness secured with skids. Linda will guide you and teach you many tips and techniques. Students will be using a drawknife and other sharp tools. The instructor will bring all materials to make the basket. Baskets will not be stained during class. Approximate dimensions: 8.5" x 11" x 16" high.

Forging a Chef’s Knife

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

This class is taught by renowned instructor and the very first winner of History Channel's Forged in Fire, Matthew Parkinson. The chef's knife is the most used knife in almost any home. These iconic knives help to create meals for family and loved ones. Well-made kitchen knives can last a lifetime and this class will give you the opportunity to create one of your very own. In this two-day class students will make their own chef's knife from high carbon steel. All aspects of bladesmithing will be covered, from forging the blade to shaping, then heat treating, grinding and polishing, making and fitting a wooden handle and finally, sharpening - with very special attention given to the design and geometry of this kind of knife. This class is intended as an introductory bladesmithing class, but some forging experience is helpful.

Turning Chair Parts

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

The one element missing from so many chair making classes is the spindle turning skill necessary to make legs, stretchers and arm posts. Join instructor David Abeel to make working on the lathe a new part of your skill set. David will provide cherry, walnut and maple blanks for students to choose from. Turning tools, mark up, head and tail stock considerations, turning a diameter, basic safety considerations, different chair leg styles and sourcing for good turning blanks will all be covered. Class outcome will be 11 turnings: 4 legs, 3 stretchers, 2 arm posts and 2 back posts. Immediately following this class will be a three-day Comb Back Windsor Armchair class where students will find a home for each of their chair parts. All skill levels welcome.

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