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Birch Bark Bowls

Learn how to cut, fold and shape from a rigid sheet of birch bark. Add pine needles or a tree branch for the rim and stitch with waxed linen. Students will make one bowl in class and leave with material to make another at home. This is a nice birch bark set to display! Low bowl: 6" x 7.5". Round bowl: 3.5" x 3.5" x 12.5" around.

Mortise and Tenon Construction

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

This class will focus on the proper making of mortise and tenon joinery for gate and railing construction. You'll make the tooling, punches, drifts, monkey tools and more. Special tools used by professional smiths to increase consistency of dimension will be shown and made. The secret of forging angled tenons easily and accurately will also be taught.

Rustic End Tables

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

The Adirondack Style is unique. It combines traditional furniture making with the materials found in this region: birch bark, twigs, logs and more. Found in the earliest Great Camps of our region, the skilled craftsmen who made this unique furniture were inspired by the world around them. In this class you will be guided from start to finish: from the selection of the materials and their preparation, to the joinery required, as well as the aesthetics that will help you make a fine end table suitable for your Great Camp or home.

Perfect Pictures Every Time

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

Understanding photography basics is the key to taking control of your camera and knowing you got the shot when you were taking it. If you would like to take your skill level from shooting in Auto to having full control over your camera, this intensive class is for you! A step-by-step PowerPoint presentation helps teach the basic principles of photography including: camera options and set-up, peripheral equipment, image exposure and histograms, and will touch on shooting for HDR and working with motion, depth of field, and composition. The class is paced to allow time for questions and interaction, with about half of the day in the classroom experimenting with the cameras, and the other half spent in the field, practicing camera techniques and shooting options. A comprehensive handout will include all the major points covered in the presentation. While the class instruction is mostly landscape based, these techniques and principles can be applied to all photographic situations.

Paper Birch Basket

The colors of the bark used along with pine needles and the applied rim accent show nature's beauty at work in this project. There's no limit to what you can use this basket for! This basket is woven with birch bark harvested from Dona's trees in Vermont and lashed with waxed linen. When complete, this basket feels as soft as leather. 4" x 3" wide x 3" high

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