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Hiking Stick

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

Learn how to make your very own personal hiking stick. Begin by selecting the perfect stick collected by the instructor. Then you will learn how to shave and carve your hiking stick. Once you are happy with your creation, the sticks will be completed by drilling a hole in them and adding a lanyard. Once finished, put your stick to good use on the trail running right by our school!

Stained Glass for Beginners

In this workshop we will complete a small Tiffany style suncatcher, ornament, or flower. Students will be able to choose a pre-drawn pattern from a variety of designs and be guided as they learn to cut the glass (chosen from a variety of types and colors), smooth the glass pieces with a grinder, apply copper foil tape, solder the pieces together into the final piece using lead-free solder, and add jump rings or a copper wire stem. The patterns available will offer a variety of levels of difficulty so students may choose what best suits them.

Mountain Gathering Basket

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

This basket is based on a forerunner of the Nantucket Lightship basket, c. 1850. Woven on a round oak base, the spokes are inserted into a groove which holds them firmly in place. This basket employs a continuous chase weave to build the sides, using two weavers at once. The basket is hand-shaped, not woven on a mold, and students will be challenged and excited to watch their creations grow with two weavers. A hand-carved oak handle is incorporated into the rim, which finishes this rustically graceful and functional basket. It is woven on a 6" oak base which grows into a 12" diameter basket. Dimensions are approx. 10" high at sides, 16" high at handle.

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