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Blacksmithing 102C: Make Like a Tree

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

Nature has been a source of artistic inspiration for thousands of years. Leaves have been a part of decorative blacksmithing for a long time, and there are many different types of leaves one can make. This class is intended for students who have taken a basic/beginner class and who understand the basic techniques and concepts. We will start by making leaves with just the hammer and anvil, and then begin using tools like chisels and decorative punches.

Introduction to Chip Carving

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

This course will introduce students to the traditional craft of chip carving - a type of woodcarving in which a small knife is used to incise decorative floral and geometric designs into basswood or butternut. The design is created by the removal of small pieces (chips) of the wood. Chip carving is an ancient, traditional craft. Chip carved plates, jewelry and keepsake boxes, trays, breadboards, furniture and other items can make wonderful gifts and also decorate the home with traditional motifs. Some previous carving experience is helpful, but not necessary. Students will learn to carve a variety of practice designs already drawn on a board and may complete a round ornament as well.

Needle Felted Fall Decor

Needle felting is a fun and addictive craft. The wool is very forgiving as it can be continually reshaped, similar to sculpting with clay. In this introductory class, we will discuss the variety of wools, tools, and techniques used to form desired shapes in creating three-dimensional objects. Students will sculpt two medium sized pumpkins or gourds, with techniques that can be transferred to unlimited ideas. Each student's work will be different as we work with a number of choices of type of fleece and colors used. Additional kits and tools will be available for purchase.

Woodturned Lidded Boxes

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

In this class, students will learn to turn a cylindrical box and then turn a lid for the box, all from the same piece of wood. Students will learn tricks to making a good lid and will leave the class with a nice box for all sorts of collections!

Autumn Leaves: Intro to Working with Copper

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

Copper is a very different material from iron and is capable of being finished in beautiful ways. This class will cover the basics of non-ferrous forging, including annealing and work hardening, as well as finishes and patinas. Students will start with a bar of copper that will be worked hot and cold to form a maple leaf. Then the instructor will share an ancient and closely guarded secret technique, which gives the leaves a red and gold finish.

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