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Hiking Stick

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

Learn how to make your very own personal hiking stick. Begin by selecting the perfect stick collected by the instructor. Then you will learn how to shave and carve your hiking stick. Once you are happy with your creation, the sticks will be completed by drilling a hole in them and adding a lanyard. Once finished, put your stick to good use on the trail running right by our school!

Complete Basic Blacksmithing

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

This basic class will give you the foundation needed to start out on your journey of blacksmithing. You'll learn fire management, hammering methods, drawing out, upsetting, cutting, splitting, twisting, and convenience bending along with a demo of forge welding. Make punches and chisels and learn to harden and temper them. Heating material and heat management will be taught and much more.

Fermented Foods

Adirondack Folk School 51 Main St., Lake Luzerne

The process of lactic-acid fermentation increases vitamins, enzymes and beneficial bacteria naturally present in good whole, fermented and culturally traditional foods. Roberta is hoping to inspire you to include all of this in all diets as a way to introduce healthier options for optimal digestive functioning. In this good for your gut class, you will learn how to make kombucha, kefir, sourdough starter (for bread baking), cultured butter and sauerkraut.

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